Friday, April 17, 2009

Who was General Tso?

Came across this more-interesting-than-most slideshow presentation exploring the origins of “Chinese” food.  It’s a little long, but very informative (and hilarious).

Incidentally, I had General Tso’s Chicken for dinner last night, because when you are testing the mettle of a new Chinese place you’ve found, The General and the egg roll are the standard by which you measure all else.  It needed more mouth searing peppers. less candied fry batter.  It was a drive thru place, though, so at least my expectations weren't terribly high to begin with.

I had always wondered why everywhere I go, all the Chinese restaurants are ‘No. 1’, and why they all seem to order their menus from the same printer.

My favorite part, though, has to be ‘Kung Food’.  Because that is the best. restaurant name. ever.

Thanks to @whimwave and the rest of the Twitterstream for bringing this into my realm of awareness.

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