Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dungeons and Dragons

This is a bit off topic from my usual subject matter, but I thought there might be a few folks out there that would be interested in this.  WARNING: GEEK CONTENT ABOUT TO REACH CRITICAL LEVELS.


Wednesday nights are our game nights.  My husband is a walking Dungeons and Dragons encyclopedia, as well as a talented storyteller/DM.  Recently, he started a site where he and a couple other DM’s are running, among other things, a text-based Ebberon DnD campaign at

If you’re not terribly familiar with the Ebberon setting, there’s a Wiki built into the site to quickly look up anything, as well as an automatic dice roller, character sheets, and anything else you might need.  If you want any character creation tips or site orientation, we’re happy to help in any way.

The nice thing about an online based game is that playtime isn’t limited to just the set times and places.  There’s usually a couple people hanging out in the tavern or throughout the ‘city’ roleplaying their characters just going about their normal day.  Smashing things and taking their stuff is a blast, but it’s also nice to get lost in a character while keeping my writing and storytelling skills sharp.

As of now, we have a set gametime of Wednesday nights at 8pm eastern time, with more sessions to be added.  Impromptu adventures are also known to occur randomly.

If you’ve got an itch to roll some dice, come on by tonight!

(If you’re looking for me, I’m the halfling cleric/sous-chef.)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Monday

I woke up this morning with the Monday blahs.  Kinda odd, since our offbeat schedule means that Saturday night is our Monday around here.

However, I had a Convo from Jennifer Garry and her Monday Mood Board in my inbox, bright and happy and just what I needed to chase the blues away!


Or at least give me enough motivation to get a pot of coffee going.

Thanks for featuring my Sunburst glass, Jennifer, as well as giving me a jumpstart to my day!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Somebody had a brainstorm…

One of my favorite things about selling on Etsy is how the site is always expanding and evolving.  On the forums earlier, I stumbled across a recent announcement.  In an effort to make the Treasuries even more user friendly, they’ve added a SEARCH option. 

I’m really happy with the revamping Etsy been doing to the entire Treasury function.  Adding the Facebook, Twitter, etc. buttons to the page has made it a breeze to click and share.  I can give mine and other artists’ great work some necessary promotion, and still have time left to get off the computer and make more art!

A glaring issue, however, has been that, unless the Treasury curator Convos you individually with a link, you don’t know if you have something you ought to be visiting and sharing.  I have heard that many Etsians regard these notifications as spam and get very irritated by them. I personally cannot wrap my head around this concept, and greatly appreciate when someone drops me a line.  However, I have wondered: for each Treasury feature I’m aware of, how many am I not?

Etsy Admin Sean11 to the rescue.

On the Treasury page, type shop:yourname.

image  This will pull up all of the treasuries that items in your shop are currently featured in.

Here’s a sample of some nice ones I found including yours truly, RadianceArt:




Good work Admins!  Keep the good stuff coming!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogger lovin’s

I’ve been meaning to do a post to thank everyone who has lavished so much attention on my Mario Mushroom stained glass panel.


Thanks to my recent discovery of Social Mention , I’ve been able to see everyone who helped make this one of the most talked about pieces I’ve ever done.  Thank you!

Gamer Grrlz

Reino do Cogumelo (it’s in Portuguese, but I think it’s good!)


Moses Wolfenstein



Sprite Stitch


Perez Start

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The dark side of Etsy

(Those of you with delicate sensibilities, consider yourself warned regarding the link.)

Wandering the Etsy Fae forums during baby’s naptime, I came across mention of a website know as ‘Regretsy’.

Regretsy?" I said to myself. "I've never heard of that. I should stop what I'm doing and Google it right away to satisfy my burning curiosity!"


Wow.  Curiosity satisfied.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Adventures…and a sale!

I'm still alive everyone!  Sorry to be so scarce, been some busy times with Baby Alice, who is now 7 months old, almost walking, and into EVERYTHING.

clip_image001First beach day!

Also had an interesting trip to the homeland (Sussex County, Delaware) with my parents in their new-to-them RV.  Took us 4 days, 2 blown tires and a popped sparkplug to get there.  Waiting on the shoulder for a mechanic has never been so comfortable, though.

But our biggest news is:  we're buying a house and moving to Austin, TX next year!  Can't wait, we're so excited!  Love that town!

So, as a result of our impending move to awesome Austin, as well as the logistics of having a small baby in the house, I'm taking a hiatus from my Tiffany stained glass for a while. I'm working on some new painted glass items that are easier to do with my limited time and space which I'm happy with so far.  I used to do custom painted hurricane lamp centerpieces for weddings many years back, so this is a bit like returning to my roots now.

But meanwhile, I've got a whole bunch of one-of-a-kind stained glass artwork that I really don't want to pack into a U-Haul.

Therefore, all stained glass items in my store are on clearance! Everything has been discounted AT LEAST 20% off my original prices!

The fantasy stuff...the geeky stuff...the clocks...ALL OF IT MUST GO! Come and visit!


PS.  Through the end of July, mention 'SLOWERLOWER' in your buyer notes, and get free shipping off any item in the shop!