Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Revampage.

This post has nothing to with vampires. Or rampaging.  Or even vampires on a rampage.

I know, I’m disappointed too.

In my last post, I shared my new Super Sereal Banner of Joy and Happiness, and how it’s nicely freshened up my Etsy and Artfire shops.

So this weekend, I continued my revamping spree, and completely redid my main website,www.radianceart.com.  God, did it ever need it.

When I took the Big Leap and started my business in 2006, I knew nothing about website building, and was too poor to hire someone who did.  With the help of Yahoo Sitebuilder AKA Websites for Morons (like me), I managed to put together something that I thought was nice at the time.  Its wasn’t great, but it wasn’t Look-I-Put-A-Blinky-Pink-Heart-On-My-MySpace-Profile either.

Since then, particularly since I’ve joined the online art/craft seller communities, I’ve learned so much more about what I can do and how to improve my look and my sales methods.  I realized my website needed three things:

  • A streamlined, professional look.
  • More pictures.
  • Less of my rambling.  Because you never even noticed i do that, did you? (wink).

With the help of my new banner, Jalbum.com, and a few new tricks, I think I’ve made some improvements.

What do you guys think?

radiance new

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