Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh, Your Majesty…you shouldn’t have…

Author’s Disclaimer:  This post is in no way an indication of a specific political leaning or rabid endorsement of any politician on my part.  Republicans, Democrats, Monarchist figureheads—I think they are all equally hilarious.


I know the big thing right now is how Michelle Obama managed to touch the Queen and live to tell about it (not to mention she was wearing <insert J. Crew dress here>.)

But indulge me for my belated preoccupation with this:

“During their private meeting, President Obama and first lady gave the queen a personalized iPod with video footage of her 2007 visit to Washington and Virginia. She was also given a rare songbook signed by composer Richard Rodgers.
In return the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, gave the Obamas a signed portrait of themselves”

That’s right.  Obama pulled out an upgrade to the Queen’s Apple gadgetry stash, thoughtfully preloaded with a playlist of sing-along showtune classics.

And she countergifted with her autographed headshot.  The same gift she gives everybody, even the ones who don’t park their armor-clad presidential Cadillacs in her way.

Come on, your Majesty.  My grandmother does better than that, on a way smaller budget.  I mean, you know the guy is looking for a dog for his kids.  Give him one of your spare corgis or something.

If that wasn’t enough, they then adjourned for a World Leader’s Recess and Snacktime in the Picture Gallery (presumably full of more pictures of the Queen), where the Queen proceeded to feed everyone 

“…champagne, wine and canapes of chicken with zucchini on skewers, mini Cornish pasties, smoked quail eggs, foie gras and tiny rolls of duck filled with melon.”

Melon filled duck rolls? Zucchini on skewers?  Hey, I just flew halfway across the globe to see your house and give you an iPod, but you know what I could really go for right now?  A mini pasty!  At least someone over at Downing Street had the bright idea to call Jamie Oliver in for dinner service.

Note to self:  if ever invited to Buckingham Palace, stop off at McDonald’s first.

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  1. well, just goes to show you why the first song that comes to mind when i think of the Obamas is At Last, and the first one for the Queen is by the Sex Pistols!