Friday, June 26, 2009

Feature Friday—rock scissors paper

This week’s featured Etsy artist is Julie (tanrazz) of rock scissors paper!


Julie’s passion for paper art and the written word inspires her to create her prints and zines. These are some truly unique forms of expression that serve to remind us all that no matter how far technology takes us, it can never replace the magic of paper and ink in our hands.

ghost, ed. by Julie ElefanteCancer Crab

You can also find Julie writing about another of her loves, cooking, over at One Wall Kitchen.  (The food photography is to die for!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What the tiny paintbrushes are for

From one of our recent Talisman game piece painting sessions, I give you RoboToad and everyone's favorite, HypnoToad.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Banana Fana Fo Fanna

One of the inevitable side effects of being pregnant is that you get into a lot of conversations about names.  That little pick-your-produce-of-the-week sized thing you’re toting around in there needs to be called something.

So all of a sudden your inner English major takes over, and things like alliteration and iambic pentameter and 3-4 letter words become really important (More so if you or your spouse actually IS an English major, like mine.  If so, proceed to Step 3: beating head against wall).

And if you have multiple existing children, or a particularly…er..’creative’ husband, or really like rhythmic rules (or all of the above, you know who you are <wink>), then things get exponentially complicated. is the best source I’ve seen so far.  It can handle even the pickiest criteria, as well as suggest an alternative spelling even wackier than the one you were considering.  And where else can you get a chart of the most popular names in Iowa in 1961?  Or see a name graph that looks like something out of a geology textbook?

Popularity of names starting with A


I can play with this stuff for hours.

And then I have My Yahoo’s random baby name of the day.  And they do mean random.  A few gems:

Beorhthramm    Hud    Helma    Zerlinda    Abooksigun

Thieny    Awarnach    Now   Alberteen    Felabeorbt

(Bonus points:  Guess the intended genders!)

I realize many of these may be common names elsewhere;  I just want to illustrate the sheer thoroughness of this particular name generator.  Now if only they had a pronunciation guide.

As for our names, we’ve been discussing this for years, and after much negotiating and threats of temper tantrums, we are mostly settled.  The boy name still has some kinks to work out, but I’m a little in denial until the next ultrasound forces the issue.  That, and I LOVE (most of) our girl name.  However, I’m not sharing online as of yet, because if I do then I’ll start seeing it everywhere.  That’s how these things seem to happen, and I’m somewhat paranoid anyway.  That, and this was an excruciating process—I can’t do any take-backsies now.  Sorry.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Feature Friday-Foxie Moxie Jewels

Welcome to my First (and hopefully not last, poke me if I forget next week) Feature Friday!

Here’s my plan: I want to dedicate Friday posts to spotlighting some of the other fabulous artists and craftpersons I’ve met since being sucked into the Abyss of Awesomeness that is the Etsy/Artfire/Twitter Universe.

Foxie Moxie Jewels

This week—Katlin of Foxie Moxie Jewels!

Based out of Asheville, NC, FMJ specializes in whimsical handmade jewelry and accessories for the retail and wholesale markets.  Katlin tracks down vintage beads and chains, then transforms them into contemporary wearable art pieces with an old-fashioned flair.  Whether your style is understated or sassy, FMJ has something for you!

Blue and Buttercream Yellow Flower Set on a Collar Bone WomenSupplies Moxie Nerve Food, Vintage Type Writer Keys, Deep Purple Swarovski Encrusted Bead, and a Gunmetal Bow Link Jewelry Supplies Featured Design from Foxie Moxie Jewels

My personal favorite go-to pair of earrings.  Strangers stop me just get a closer look!  I love these babies.


FMJ’s newest designs for Spring/Summer 2009 include classic wooden earrings and some darling Lucite bobbi pin sets.

Wood Hoop Earrings Available in Chestnut, Black, Navy, Orange, Pink, White and Yellow Women Earrings Bobbi Twin Pins Mix and Match Womens Hair Pins

You can find FMJ on Etsy and in several boutiques and spas in North Carolina, as well as at East Coast Coffee in IHB, FL.  And, of course, on Twitter @foxiemoxiejewel.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It IS Wednesday, right?

Because my husband’s work schedule throws me all askew, especially when he takes random days off.

Wednesdays are the beginning of my week, and this morning did feel rather Mondayish, so I must be ok.


Taking my cues from some of the other great crafter blogs I read, I’m thinking of scheduling my posting in such a way that I will be more apt to keep up.  The weekly features sound like a neat idea, so I’ll be experimenting and seeing what feels right.

I thought of doing the “Wordless Wednesday” thing.

You can see how well that’s worked so far.

So I’ll try on the “Worktable Wednesday” instead.




(That crack on my light table?  That’s what happens when you’re a dummy and play with a heat gun on a glass top. And now you know.)

Clocks in progress.  More quartz movements came in the mail today, so these items are not far from their Etsy debut.  Look for them soon!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tweet Tweet

My name is Amy, and I am a Twitter addict.

Just thought I would go ahead and make it official.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

That’s YART…with a ‘Y’,children…

My shop, RadianceArt, is participating in the 2nd annual YART SALE (yard + art)!  Come check it out, this is the best deal I’ve ever done on my glass art.

  • 20% OFF all glass art in my shop (labeled and tagged YART) thru Sunday, June 14. 


  • FREE SHIPPING on any item under $100 with the BIRTHDAY code (thru Friday, June 12).

Discounts will be refunded thru Paypal after purchase.

This is an ETSYwide event, so enter YART , FAEteam, and teamFEST in the search bar for lots more great deals!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who is your inspiration?

A recently completed commission:


This a wedding invitation, sealed between two pieces of beveled and plate glass.  The edges are hand painted with a heat set paint (that was the fun part!).  Since I’ve run out of jump rings and keep forgetting to order more, I took the opportunity to experiment more with some bronze wire hangers.  Although my wire wrapping technique needs work, I think it lent itself well to the overall ‘old Celtic’ look of the project.  The customer agreed and loved the finished product, and that is what is most important, really.  That’s why I keep doing this.

Working on the layering did get me thinking, though.  One of  my favorite glass artists is Robert Oddy.  Like Louis Comfort Tiffany (also known in glass circles as “The Man”), Oddy pushes the envelope of stained glass with his multi-layer plating techniques.

Oddy’s art is made with several layers of glass which, put together, give his pieces a subtle but amazing amount of depth.  In addition, he works tree bark, stones, and other natural non glass objects into his work, creating even more texture.

Below is a piece created for children’s/fantasy author Bruce Coville’s home (Anyone else remember him?  Great books.).

Look close for the unicorn in the tree!

One of my favorite things about doing stained glass is the room I have for experimentation and development.  Each project has its own little problems to solve.  Its one part art, and one part engineering.  Studying artists like Oddy shows me just how much room I have to grow and even invent my own processes, and inspires me all over again.

In your chosen medium, who are the artists that inspire you to test the boundaries of your art?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I made a Treasury.

and its neato.


Little Surfer Girl

I’m feeling generous some more


I’m extending my FREE SHIPPING deal thru Friday June 12!

Just enter the BIRTHDAY code into the transaction note, and I’ll refund the shipping on any item under $100 from my Etsy shop!


Because its my birthday, and I feel like it…

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