Tuesday, April 7, 2009

RadianceArt Gets a Makeover!

Apologies are in order for the drop off in posting frequency. I recently started a new job, helping the Census Bureau updating maps and such.

I love me some maps. I’m nerdy like that.

Anyway, it’ll be keeping me pretty busy for a little while, but fear not. Your regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly. Meanwhile, I’ll fill in the gap as best I can.

However, I do have this bit of awesomeness to share.

radiance avatar I recently was lucky enough to win a contest over on kMT Graphic Design (Home of the Etsy Mentor Series, which has lots of useful tips for Etsy sellers). My prize: a custom designed banner and avatar for my Etsy Shop.

I am so happy with this! My shop needed something more than the random bit of glass I had thrown up there. A banner attracts attention to your shop, and gives your customers a feel of professionalism to associate with you business and, by extension, what you are selling. And we all know how a important branding can be. The timing for this could NOT have been better.

kMT has a great system in place for learning about your artistic tastes and your needs. She’s open to your suggestions and is very easy to work with! And the final result came out even more gorgeous than the picture I had in my head. That’s when you know its good!

So go check out my shop’s new look! I’ll wait here…

And if you are thinking of going Tim Gunn all over your shop, kMT has some nice deals for custom work over at her place.

(I’d go to Red Lobster with him any day.)


  1. you are too kind! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, it was a pleasure working with you!! And I love the Tim Gunn reference lol :)