Sunday, September 26, 2010

Craft Apron Sewing Project

I've recently started teaching stained glass classes for a local arts/crafts center.  I'm really enjoying it because it helps me keep my skills sharp and I love seeing folks hold up their project and see the light pouring through it for the first time.  I'm a firm believer that when people know just how much work and heart go into creating stained glass, they'll have more appreciation for those of us who are trying to make a living from it (and understand why it's so darn expensive!).  Nothing wrong with educating the public about what we do.  We're artists, not magicians.

Stained glass is a very tool-heavy craft, and I wanted a nice little apron to keep a few things on hand while I'm bouncing around the room.  One Yard Wonders to the rescue!

I used a bit of an old skirt and a few scraps of some faux denim I had lying around.  Since I'm a bit lazy whenever the instructions say anything like "press with an iron" or "fold, then fold, then fold some more", I opted to just buy some bias tape for the binding rather than make my own.  I'll do it someday, I promise.

After a few uses, I think i might adjust some of the pockets to hold more things of the pen/marker nature but other than that, this is perfect!


  1. the apron looks great!
    i always think that stained glass artists undersell themselves- i hate it when i see glass art priced so low.

  2. Thank you! Unfortunately these days many glass artists have had to compromise their bottom line, even as the market prices for our materials, particularly solder and other metals, continues to climb. People are always floored when they learn how much good old fashioned manual labor goes into these things!