Monday, September 13, 2010

Double challenge

Once again, the dreaded ‘Mom Brain"’ is proving to be a formidable foe.  So I’ve decided to do what seems to be every craft bloggers favorite theme: challenge to the death!

Ok, probably not the death part.

Starting now, I’m challenging myself to:

  • Complete one craft project per week.  This is any craft, from creating an Etsy listing to working on my sewing skills to finally finishing some of these crochet projects i have stashed away.
  • Write a blog post highlighting said completed project.

I think I’m setting a reasonable goal for myself.  Not like I’m trying to cook my way through some doorstop of a cookbook or anything.  Besides, I tend to work better if I’ve got some sort of a deadline.

If you notice that I’ve missed a week, feel free to harass me about.  Go ahead.  You have my permission.

And away we go!

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