Friday, September 17, 2010

Obi Hot/Cold Pack Sewing Project

And so my personal challenge begins.

My grandmother was an amazing seamstress, and pretty wicked with a crochet needle.  Been thinking about her alot the past few days, as I'm finishing up a pretty involved crochet project.  I inherited some of her nice steel crochet hooks which I use all the time.  My mom says I must be channeling her through them, because the stitches seem to almost make themselves.

But when I sit down at my sewing machine it's a different story.  My sewing skills are kinda dismal.  My bobbins tangle, I misread patterns, and I can't stitch a straight line to save my life.  However, I come from a family of amazing sewers, so I know it's gotta be in me somewhere.  That, and I get SO much inspiration from Project Runway every week.

I'll just have to learn to make it work.
 Hi, I'm on the blog again.

I love fabric.  For this reason, I've hung on to a lot of my skirts and dresses I've outgrown over the years.  I've placed the limitation on myself that I need to find a way to use up some of these and the other random remnants I have around.  No buying fabric until I've got the sewing chops to earn it.

One Yard Wonders has been my go-to pattern book for using up all these fabric scraps.  The projects are easy and the instructions simple to follow, yet there's plenty of room for creativity and customization.  There's a glossary of stitches and how tos if you come across something you don't know.  Tons of projects, and almost all of them (I'm looking at you, spats) are stylish and usable/wearable.

The first off the machine: an obi-style hot/cold pack.  Inside the pocket is a matching pad into which dry rice is sewn.  I also added some nice dried lavender buds I had around for some nice aromatherapy. 45 seconds in the microwave then into the pocket, and then it all ties around your waist obi/kimono style.  This is perfect for those days when my back is hurting, but I've still got a baby to chase around.

The best part is that I used some wonderfully soft cotton from an old but much loved hippie dress I couldn't bear to throw away.  Cheap as free!

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