Friday, March 20, 2009

Project Roll Call 2

Another update of what I have going. Some things have moved along further than others.




It’s been a busy week, with helping friends move. (All of our friends seem to be moving right now, but they are all moving closer!)

That, and playing with my new toy. I got a laptop upgrade, which came preinstalled with Windows Vista and only Vista. As a solid disciple of XP, this terrified me greatly. I’d heard the tales of woe from current Vista users, and that sneaky “Mojave” ad campaign didn’t really help. But now that I decided to just bite the bullet (and let my software tech genius of a husband figure things out and translate for me---I love being married to my tech support!), I’m finding Vista to not be so bad. Not convoluted or buggy. Even…likeable.

Could be worse.

I could be forced to own a Crapintosh.

Apple: one of the main reasons I majored in Ceramics instead of Graphic Design (:shakes her fist at a faraway Mac-only computer lab).

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