Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Batteries not included.

I was so excited. I’ve got some lovely drawings of otters and tiki gods to share, and some great sewing/salvaging inspirations. Even my cats are feeling photogenic today.

Seizing my camera in a burst of productiveness, I press the power button. The Zoomy Tube in the Front springs into action! Then retreats. I coerce it. Again, only a couple seconds of life. Dead batteries. Again.

Given the frequency of this occurrence, can you guess how many AA batteries I have lying around? That’s right. Big ol’ zero. I’m reluctant to pirate a couple from my husband’s games n’ gadgetry, as I tend to forget to replace them. He doesn’t like little surprises like that. Can’t say I blame him.

I plan to get a new camera soon. One that isn’t an energy vampire. But for now, batteries.

In the meantime, enjoy this San Diego ComicCon vacation classic:


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