Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chapter 1: In Which I Claim this Shore for Queene and Country

"This is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it...This Land!"
Wash (as Stegosaurus)--Firefly

As I survey my vast new domain dramatically, metaphoric flag in hand, I try to think of how to set the stage for the multitude of posts which will follow and populate this place I have Captcha'd into existance.

I've tried this before, with that other, short-lived Wordpress blog. (I may borrow from it's carcass for a post or two, though). However, I think I know what went wrong:

A. I limited myself. I've got my sticky, unmanicured hand into alot of things, and I'll take pictures of them all.

B. I tried to be professional about it. Make no mistake, I AM a professional at what I do. And I'm good at it. But I just gotta be me.

C. Go to Lowe's and try to build a house while all the Aprons are on break. That's about how Wordpress feels to the fledgling blogger.

D. The name was dumb.

And so, with these past trangressions in mind, here I sit at the keyboard, with the possibilities of Blog 2.0 spread out in front of me. This will be more than just inbound linkage to my Etsy store and website. This will be an outlet for all my various projects and thoughts. And maybe you'll laugh at my quirky turn of phrase (or just at me, that's ok too). Maybe you'll think some of my pictures are coolness. Or maybe I'll forget to to post for a week, and you'll curse my sudden but inevitable betrayal.

Hopefully not that last one.

I'll try hard. I promise.

Now to do something about this layout. GENERIC!

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