Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My First Giveaway!

After having been a ghost of an Artfire member for over a year, I decided to take the plunge.  Their recent Out-Of-Beta promotion was just too good to pass up.   I signed on for one of their Pro accounts and, so far, I'm really liking their setup.  Lots of nifty little features and an ease of use that Etsy has yet to match.  (Note: I'm by no means closing my Etsy shop.  I love Etsy.  I'm thinking of my Artfire shop as a complimentary venue.)

And what kind of online businesswoman would I be if I didn't dazzle your eyes with the link to RadianceArt's new Artfire shop?

In order to celebrate this new venture, as well as my ongoing triumph over the dreaded "Mom Brain", I'm hosting my Very First Giving Away of a Thing!

Up for grabs is this cute little glass dish from the Autumn Breeze collection.  This is part of my new line of hand-painted glassware, which is so far finding a respectable amount of success.

If you're one of those industrious folks who labors to make your house reflect the passage of seasons and holidays, this is gorgeous for your fall decorating.  If you're kinda lazy and your house is no different now then it was in April well...you probably like candy, don't you?

Dump some Hershey Kisses in there and call it good.

To enter, tell me what kind of seasonal decorator you are.  Do you color coordinate the rubber totes your decorations are stored in?  Does your potpourri blend change monthly? Or do you still have Christmas lights up from 1998?  Do you even know (or care) what potpourri is?  Reveal your deepest darkest decorating secrets in the comments below.

Tweeting, blogging or Facebooking the giveaway gets you an additional entry--just be sure to leave a separate comment about it!  And, as always, be sure to leave me some way to contact you with your winnings!

Giveaway ends at 12:00 midnight (Eastern Time) next Tuesday, Oct. 12, with the winner to be selected via random.org and announced Wednesday.

Good luck!


  1. Seasonal decorator? I would say not. I try but it rarely heppns. I have minimal decorations except for Winter - being thats my favorite. I do have a tablecloth that I try to change with the moods of the season. I also have two flags outside that I try to change, however, as I write this I realize that my current flags are July 4th flags so needless to say, I am a little behind:)

  2. I really just get most of my ideas from magazines. I only really go all out for Christmas.

    hewella1 at gamil dot com

  3. I'm not sure how to enter! The bowl looks awesome and I would love to give it a home!


  4. Hi Lori!

    Glad you like the bowl! To enter, just post a comment here about how you like to decorate (or not decorate) for the holidays. Be sure to include an email address in the post or on your Google profile so I can contact you if you win.

  5. My decor is best described as "books". It's why an artist like me buys no art for herself- the walls are all covered with shelves and books and other shelfly goods!

    But for the holidays, I cover the shelves with festive scarves and hand ornaments from the protruding spines. Festive!


  6. I add a few touches and try to keep them in line with my everyday items. For fall - I have done a centerpiece with a pretty burgundy table runner and a basket full of mini pumpkins, as well as other small touches all around the house. I love your little bowl. It would be a great addition for me.


  7. Love potpourri, good tip: a small spritz bottle of potpourri oil to freshen up my potpourri when it gets stale. I love the limbs from the bottom of my tree to make pine garlands for my front porch too. Recycle, reuse...Go green! Following, sharing and loving your giveaway!

  8. Find me @ http://collagical.etsy.com and on FB @

  9. I do little touches around to change with the seasons, I have one large bowl that has seashells in it for spring/summer, then it holds apples for fall and then Christmas balls for Christmas. Just those type little touches..

  10. I must admit that my rubber bins are color coordinated (red for Christmas, orange for Halloween, etc) but that's mostly because my garage is stuffed and we try to minimize the digging it takes to find them. LOL.
    Audrey aka AudreyGardenLady
    aarongfett (at) aol (dot) com

  11. Oh, I love your glass dish. Very pretty.
    I hardly ever have time to dedicate to seasonal decorations however, this year I've already put up my Halloween stuff which is a rarity. So, yes, I do TRY! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Ooh I would love to win! I myself only decorate for fall, probably 'cause I love that seasons colors and themes the best.

  13. I am a minimalist with an edge...I do love "theme decorating". Once, we decorated our tree with swatches...This year I would like to do a "wine themed tree"...I thought it would be cool with corks and such...I am also going to blog about this at http://buyindie.blogspot.com/

  14. And here it is~ http://buyindie.blogspot.com/

  15. I hate to admit it, but we DO have Christmas lights up from last year.


  16. Wow thats so pretty! I am a holiday cooker, I like to make food depending on the season. My confession is that I leave Christmas decor up forever, its so much fun putting it up but not so much fun taking it down!