Monday, October 4, 2010

Coffee Chest Refurb: an update

It's lovebug season here in Florida. (pause so those who know what this means can shudder).  For those of you outside the "Sunshine" state, a lovebug is a gross little beetley gnat thing whose only purpose for existence is to apparently replicate more lovebugs...with gusto.  Twice a year, they take to the air in swarms.

Funny thing about them is how much they LOVE car exhaust fumes.  Hence, they tend to congregate on highways and in parking lots.  However, the moment they go splat on your car, the clock is ticking for you to rush over to the car wash and remove them before their little bug goop eats into your paint job.  Wretched little things.

I dragged the chest into the driveway to put a coat of primer and spray paint on the areas I want to cover.  I also brought out a great little birchwoord storage cabinet I found on clearance at Micheal's.  Storage is good.  Storage I can craft up is even better.  And at rock bottom price: super awesome!

Then the problems began.

My paint didn't cover the remnants of the rough and ugly parts of the chest the way I thought it would.  Oh well, trial and error.  Now I've just changed the requisites of the fabric/wallpaper I'm looking for to heavier and/ or darker colored.  Let's just move on to the cabinet.

As I'm spraying the cabinet with this lovely hyacinth purple paint, I notice...visitors.  It would seem that, to a lovebug, there's not a whole lot of distinction between car exhaust and spray paint fumes.  And so, to save what I had done so far, I dragged everything in, closed the garage, and fled inside to wander the internet for vintage fabric and wallpaper for another week or so until the bugs are done doing their thing.

And that is why this post is NOT entitled "Coffee Chest Refurb: Part II".

Stupid bugs.

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