Friday, August 7, 2009

Feature Friday--SoapRehab

My mom used to make soap.  I remember one of her first batches:  a (seemingly) massive brick of caramel-colored goat’s milk soap which came to be know around the house just as ‘GoatSoap’.  It sat out in the porch with a knife stuck in it until we eventually whittled it down (breaking the knife in the process).

It wasn’t perfect.  I can’t remember if it was supposed to be scented or unscented.  (It was neither, technically.)  But that soap was awesome.  I was sad when it was gone.  I’ve tried my own hand at working the magic that is saponification, with lackluster results that make GoatSoap look like a spa exclusive.  But since that first introduction, my favorite treat for myself is a fresh bar of homemade soap.  An affordable little reason to get up and get a shower in the morning.


Sara’s SoapRehab soaps have to be some of best I’ve come across so far.  I snagged one of the last bars of ‘Nature’s Child’ a few months ago, and was in love. 

It had a rich lather, yet didn’t melt away in a week like many handmade soaps are prone to doing.  The smell: not overwhelming, elusive but so enjoyable.  My skin felt and smelled great for hours afterward, and the shape fit perfectly into my clumsy little hand.  The grapefruit sample that came with made a fantastic kitchen sink soap, too!

After trying some other Etsy soaps on my list, I made my way back to Sara’s shop.  My recent acquisitions:

Calm Me Soap BarWasabi Ginger Soap Bar

(I love the minimal packaging too.)


And samples!  Woot!


Once again, the soaps do not disappoint.  They smell like what they should, but still have that underlying “something else” that is so addictive. Good stuff.

Check out SoapRehab on Etsy and in blog form.


  1. Thanks so much for the feature!! And I'm so glad you are enjoying the soaps!! :)

  2. That's great packaging! Packaging goes a long way, too.

    Speaking of which, I'm not sure if you have business cards, but moo, the printing house, has 20% off all their products this weekend. They make great, affordable product:

  3. very cool soap...thanks for sharing!

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