Monday, July 20, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con

Missing it again this year.

Still want to be there.Picture 066


Dodging the downtown zombie hoards on the crosswalk


Getting candid shots of the better of the Jack Sparrows in attendance. 

P7250537 Don’t know when, but we’ll be back to visit one of these days, San Diego.  Save a swag bag for us!


  1. Awesome! I just finished reading that Foxtrot before scrolling down to your post on My Yahoo! I wish I could be there, too. One of my friends knitted a Wonder Woman costume for last year's cone; this year, she knitted the cutest Green Lantern sleeveless sweater.

  2. I'm missing it, too! *sigh* My Dad and brother are going, hopefully they'll bring me back some sort of swag.

  3. Some hardcore knitting skills there! Eventually I'll make some Black Mage/White Mage outfits for husband and I to wear. That will also be the year we stay at the Marriot next door. And get our reservations in, like, the August before Con.