Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Dragon!

Because stabbing fruit is how the founding fathers intended to celebrate the birth of our nation.  Along with the blowing up of small parts of it.  Look it up.


IMG_0127 IMG_0131

I’ve done the watermelon baskets before, but this year I had some sharp new knives and a surge of ambition.  The back area was my first attempt at the Asian style of vegetable carving (kae-sa-luk). 

My idea was for the flower petal pattern to resemble dragon scales.

What I got was structural integrity issues. 

(Glad I went with some long skewers instead of wimpy toothpicks.) 

I thought about inserting and lighting some sparklers for the ‘extreme’ factor, but his eyeballs got eaten before it got dark enough.  Oh well.

He still went well with the brats and bison burgers.  And in the end, isn’t that all any of us could ask for?


  1. He's amazing! I would have felt guilty eating him. Luckily I don't like watermelon, so I would have just been eating his delicious pineapple fangs :D

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  3. Really cool watermelon!

  4. Thanks everybody! I feel encouraged to get the knives out again!