Monday, November 8, 2010

FP is for Front Page (not Fist Pump)

So here I sit in bed trying to get over tangling with a nasty bout of the flu :sniffle:.  My trusty laptop in hand, I was looking over some Google Analytics data.  Normal results, the numbers continuing their slow but steady rise since I've started paying attention to these things again :yay sniffle: and then...hey!  What's that big spike?

Holy bottom dwelling river fish Batman!  I had Etsy Front Page real estate!

And so off I flew to to confirm this.  Indeed, noonish last Tuesday, while everyone was pulling levers and waiting for those oh so unsurprising election results, my Great White Shark glasses were hanging out on the FP in this awesome manly man treasury by simplyriveting (whose rings, by the way, totally are just that).  I had seen this collection earlier, and thought it was really nicely done.  "The Etsy admins might even notice this one." I remember thinking to myself.

I must be developing an Etsy-sense.

:tingle sniffle: