Sunday, July 25, 2010

Somebody had a brainstorm…

One of my favorite things about selling on Etsy is how the site is always expanding and evolving.  On the forums earlier, I stumbled across a recent announcement.  In an effort to make the Treasuries even more user friendly, they’ve added a SEARCH option. 

I’m really happy with the revamping Etsy been doing to the entire Treasury function.  Adding the Facebook, Twitter, etc. buttons to the page has made it a breeze to click and share.  I can give mine and other artists’ great work some necessary promotion, and still have time left to get off the computer and make more art!

A glaring issue, however, has been that, unless the Treasury curator Convos you individually with a link, you don’t know if you have something you ought to be visiting and sharing.  I have heard that many Etsians regard these notifications as spam and get very irritated by them. I personally cannot wrap my head around this concept, and greatly appreciate when someone drops me a line.  However, I have wondered: for each Treasury feature I’m aware of, how many am I not?

Etsy Admin Sean11 to the rescue.

On the Treasury page, type shop:yourname.

image  This will pull up all of the treasuries that items in your shop are currently featured in.

Here’s a sample of some nice ones I found including yours truly, RadianceArt:




Good work Admins!  Keep the good stuff coming!

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