Monday, July 19, 2010

Adventures…and a sale!

I'm still alive everyone!  Sorry to be so scarce, been some busy times with Baby Alice, who is now 7 months old, almost walking, and into EVERYTHING.

clip_image001First beach day!

Also had an interesting trip to the homeland (Sussex County, Delaware) with my parents in their new-to-them RV.  Took us 4 days, 2 blown tires and a popped sparkplug to get there.  Waiting on the shoulder for a mechanic has never been so comfortable, though.

But our biggest news is:  we're buying a house and moving to Austin, TX next year!  Can't wait, we're so excited!  Love that town!

So, as a result of our impending move to awesome Austin, as well as the logistics of having a small baby in the house, I'm taking a hiatus from my Tiffany stained glass for a while. I'm working on some new painted glass items that are easier to do with my limited time and space which I'm happy with so far.  I used to do custom painted hurricane lamp centerpieces for weddings many years back, so this is a bit like returning to my roots now.

But meanwhile, I've got a whole bunch of one-of-a-kind stained glass artwork that I really don't want to pack into a U-Haul.

Therefore, all stained glass items in my store are on clearance! Everything has been discounted AT LEAST 20% off my original prices!

The fantasy stuff...the geeky stuff...the clocks...ALL OF IT MUST GO! Come and visit!


PS.  Through the end of July, mention 'SLOWERLOWER' in your buyer notes, and get free shipping off any item in the shop!

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