Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home stretch

The end is nigh!  Since I'm walking around at just about 5 cm dilated already, the plan is to induce labor tomorrow morning.  Alice will be Mommom's birthday present!

I know that I won't be getting much sleep after she arrives, but even those couple hours at a time are sounding very nice right about now.  That, and fitting into something besides flip flops and the two shirts I have left..  Let's get this baby out before the Macy's parade people call!

So, a couple nights ago, I dreamed I went for a walk.  There I was, minding my own business, when complete strangers start walking up to me and handing me bottles of cleaning supplies. Telling me things like "That baby isn't here yet because your house is a mess!" or "She won't come until you have that place spotless!  Get moving!".

Eventually, I'm waddling through my neighborhood, with an overflowing armload of Lysol bottles, Clorox wipes, etc., while neighbors (one of which I think was the lady from the Pine-Sol commercials--when did SHE move in?!) are leaning out of the windows and hollering from their doorsteps at me to get cleaning, because that baby doesn't want to see a messy house.

But, my house IS clean.

The parts of it I can reach at least.


  1. How exciting! I had contractions for about six hours before realizing I was in labor when I had my daughter six years ago. When I finally got some solid sleep, I woke up full on ready to give birth (they told me that that my body had needed that rest time to gear up) having gone from 5 cm to 8. Try to get some rest if you can! Hot shower! Relax! :) I know I said it already but how exciting!!

  2. so funny the way the body and the brain interact! bestest blessings :D

  3. Hang in there girl Sammi's been keeping me posted on you it will be over soon and then for the next 30 years youll have your baby to worry about. Don't think us mom's stop worrying after you guys are all grown.

  4. Best of Luck to you and Alice! Post a picture soon of your new babe

  5. Oh my gosh, that's too funny. "that's the power of clean " LOL