Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Disney now owns another piece of the universe.


Those guys over at Penny Arcade always seem to know the perfect way to highlight the issues that matter to me.

So, if you haven’t heard yet, Disney just bought Marvel.


That's Disney, as in “Hi ho, hi ho, it off to work we go”.

And Marvel, as in "It's adamantium tasting time boys!"

This should be interesting.


I think it will shake out eventually to be for the better, so long as Disney lets Marvel keep doing what they’ve been doing lately.  And keep Hannah Montana far, far away from everythingStan Lee sounds ok with it, that’s somewhat comforting.

Know what I would really like to see?  A Professor X vs. Jafar matchup.  My bets are on Patrick Stewart there.

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  1. Hope for the best, expect the worst--that's what I say in these situations. *sigh*