Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It IS Wednesday, right?

Because my husband’s work schedule throws me all askew, especially when he takes random days off.

Wednesdays are the beginning of my week, and this morning did feel rather Mondayish, so I must be ok.


Taking my cues from some of the other great crafter blogs I read, I’m thinking of scheduling my posting in such a way that I will be more apt to keep up.  The weekly features sound like a neat idea, so I’ll be experimenting and seeing what feels right.

I thought of doing the “Wordless Wednesday” thing.

You can see how well that’s worked so far.

So I’ll try on the “Worktable Wednesday” instead.




(That crack on my light table?  That’s what happens when you’re a dummy and play with a heat gun on a glass top. And now you know.)

Clocks in progress.  More quartz movements came in the mail today, so these items are not far from their Etsy debut.  Look for them soon!

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