Saturday, December 18, 2010

Big Project

So those who have been wondering where I've been:

A few years ago I did a large project for the Mayor of Miami,  a limited edition run of 20 of these:
 Well, there's a new mayor in town, and he's asked for 20 more!  WooHoo!  I know, they look small.  But anyone who does stained glass will tell you...the smaller the pieces, the MORE work it is.

In other news, guess to turned a whole year old this week?

Happy birthday to my baby girl Alice!


  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Alice!

  2. Congratulations on the awesome commission work! And happy birthday to your cutie! ^.^

    Btw, I just started a Winter Blog Hop to replace last season's and hope you'll participate again. :D

  3. I've awarded you with the Stylish Blog Award. Visit my blog which will tell you all about it (there is some work to be done) -
    Cheers, Kathryn