Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Big News

Its been a busy week, working on commissions and getting ready for visitors.  My in-laws are coming in for a week.  There will be some beach, some Disney World, and fun in general.  Since they live in Texas, we don’t get to see them very often, so we are all looking forward to this.

And my house needed a massive cleaning anyway.  This was also a good way to motivate my husband to assist in more than his usual “There-I-Put-My-D&D-Minis-in-Only-ONE-Corner-of-the-Table-I’m-Done-Right?” style of cleaning.  And that’s not even counting any orcs the cats hid under the oven.

The fact that I finally found where I stashed my vacuum cleaner attachments after all this time helped too.

But the real news, folks, is this:


We’re having a baby!

Forgive me if you have already heard on Twitter this week or I blurted it out in some other way, but its exciting. It’s been very hard to keep this under my hat, but now I can share.

This will be our first.  I’m at about 10 weeks right now, and everything is going great!  As of now, Baby is due December 14.  Others with more experience are assuring me that in a couple weeks I’ll be feeling better and get some energy back, which I am looking forward to.  All of my work has been done at a turtle’s pace lately, with very little new art to show for it.

But I think small Gummi Bear-shaped person trumps new art in this case, don’t you agree?

My husband and all the grandparents-to-be are ecstatic  (this will be the first grandbaby for everybody).  I just wanna know what it is, so I can get on the sewing machine and get nursery crafting.


  1. Huzzah again! don't be too hard on yourself for moving slower, etc etc. Um, it takes a lot of energy to do something like- create a human being!

  2. Congratulations, Amy--that's awesome news! Maybe it will be an Amy, Jr.! ;)

  3. Boy or girl, this kid is gonna be an Anson Jr. And then they'll both gang up on me and make me crazy. I'm ok with that though. I embrace the inevitable.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful LUCKY YOU. I have raised two.
    Kids are a handful sometimes
    But a heartful all the time!